Our services are offered with pride in knowing we gave you our best service. Moving is more than just loading a truck with a couple of friends, that is, if you care about your valuables. Our services include professionally packing, loading, and unloading to your assigned places, which gives you a hassle-free move. We also provide staging and moving for commercial customers.

We at Andrei Movers know that doing a great job is what gets us the next job. You are the most important customer. No job is complete until you sign off on the task at hand. When you decide on your moving date, we will help you plan out each step. We can let you know the best way to save $$.

Apartment or home cleaning is $100/hr.

  • 2 person crew

  • $150 an hour for 2 men

  • $210 an hour for 3 men

  • $250 an hour for 4 men

We accept Visa and Master cards. Contact us for more information about our prices. Call at 510-750-9255